Our Holiday Rentals

John Levitt Real Estate – Holiday Rentals

With over 8500 accommodation night’s booking experience we have the expertise to maximise your holiday rental income using systems that have proved themselves to be extremely successful in the past surpassing our clients expectations

John Levitt Real Estate has decided to selectively limit the number of properties we will manage so as to maximise the property return ratio providing for a greater return for our clients.
Remembering you have taken the greater risk through the substantial investment in the asset therefore your return should be maximised through proper management systems and procedures.

How we Manage:

  1. Our management fee will be charged at 12.5% exclusive of G.S.T.
  2. We will attempt to minimise cleaning costs where possible.
  3. Upon conclusion of cleaning a property inspection will be conducted.
  4. Maintenance of dwelling and grounds will be carried out by us at a cost advised. (This will be below current market pricing.)
  5. Cataloguing detailed photographic records will be maintained and forwarded to clients for historical evidence if the need may be required.
  6. Once every 3 Months a thorough property inspection will be conducted and a report outlining any recommendations will be provided.
  7. Revenue will be paid monthly and E.O.Y financial statement will be provided for free.
  8. Multiple booking portals will be used when necessary to maximise revenue.  Standard Fees Apply.
  9. A performance report will be forwarded at the end of each month to assist in management evaluation.
  10. Free website listing will be provided on our website with an accompanying booking calendar thus reducing booking fees charged by external booking portals.